Entry Motivation: 

We are Enviromall, a company specialising in biodegradable packaging for sustainable tomorrows, with the aim to STOMP plastic pollution by making alternative products readily available to the market.
Our products are made from plants and have a lower carbon footprint than plastic products. Unlike plastic products these products do not contain oil or fossil fuels and use less water during the manufacturing process.

The aim of shifting to more environmentally friendly packaging solutions is not only to reduce plastic pollution, but to reduce and manage waste more effectively as a whole.
The idea is to move towards a circular economy of minimal to zero waste.
Biodegradable and compostable products are currently not recycled in South Africa, and so in order to divert this packaging from landfills and promote a circular economy we need to ensure the expanse of composting facilities in South Africa.

If we can shift the habits of our population from one of no responsibility or awareness of waste, to one of waste management and composting, we will be able to significantly alter the future of our planet and change the path of where we are currently headed.

Waste to landfill produces methane and other harmful gases because it prohibits natural decomposition processes. Composting on the other hand allows waste material to be turned into nutrient rich matter that can be used to sustainably support gardens and farms. With the addition of packaging now being able to be composted we need to ensure a shift in behaviour. The transition to biodegradable packaging may be in vain if we do not act responsibly, due to the fact that when biodegradable packaging ends up in a landfill or our oceans it will behave in a similar manner to plastic packaging due to the fact that the conditions of these environments are not ideal for decomposition.

Educating people about the benefits of composting and making composting facilities user-friendly and readily available to communities will fast forward the movement and create awareness around waste management. The key is in education and creating awareness about alternative packaging options, but also assisting communities in understanding the challenges around these products and the impacts of mismanagement.

A challenge currently facing the industry of biodegradable products is that we are experiencing a shortage of raw materials, and for this reason we urgently need to look into what other plant-based starches could fulfill this same function in order for biodegradable packaging to be a sustainable replacement for plastic packaging. Through research and technology we can overcome this challenge.

So join the movement against plastic pollution, and lets be part of the solution.