Entry Motivation: 

Hanno Langenhoven is at the forefront at the fight against waste and pollution. Over the last few years he's been creating awareness for the scope of the problem on various platforms. On Facebook he is constantly creating new content, adding photos from different areas in South Africa, highlighting the problem in general as well as focusing in on the problem and brand contributors to the problem. His most viewed Facebook live post reached more than 40 000 people (https://www.facebook.com/hanno.langenhoven/videos/vb.531376523/10156146295261524/?type=2&video_source=user_video_tab). He also a key collaborator in the Facebook and Instagram platform Waste_UPRISING.

Hanno's contribution is not limited to awareness alone. He designed the prototype sieve that was used for the nurdle cleanup on the Durban coast following the mayor storm that hit Durban Port October 2017. He is also often one of the first people on the ground in the Durban region after big storms struck, reporting as well as mobilizing clean-up teams as part of his daily work at Wildlands.

When not creating awareness and/or actively cleaning beaches and mobilizing cleaning teams you are likely to find Hanno advocating for a change of the plastic production, processing, consuming and discarding behaviour.

For more visuals on Hanno's work you can follow him on Facebook and look out for photographic albums on the waste crisis as well as live and posted videos.