Ocean Pledge Promo from Mark van Wijk on Vimeo.

Entry Motivation: 

Longitudinal South African beach studies show that 94% of all litter on South Africa's magnificent beaches are plastic. And of that, 77% of that is the cheap, often non-recyclable forms of packaging such as individual sweet wrappers, straws and polystyrene.

To curb the staggering increase of such unnecessary forms of plastic on our beaches and in our oceans, Ocean Pledge has adapted a restaurant programme that targets the food and beverages industry in South Africa. Vendors and restaurants are recognised, promoted and encouraged to follow a simple set of criteria which have been corroborated by South African science, local and international business as well as WWF.

The goal of this programme is to not only to mitigate single-use plastic waste generated by the food and beverage sector (individual sweet wrappers, straws, expanded foam etc.), but to create a community and network of restaurants and vendors that are committed to journeying away from disposable, non-recyclable and non-reusable plastics, towards eco-friendly solutions and those that support a more circular economy.

Our restaurant programme is housed within our digital Ocean Pledge platform. This not only enables the programme to grow at scale but also exposes our restaurants to ongoing training, shared education, learning and resources to address staff, managers/owners as well as patrons.

We believe that data-driven insights hold the key to actionable solutions. To this end, the Ocean Pledge digital platform enables the ongoing accumulation of data that not only measures the impact of the programme but also accrues pivotal information around consumption, waste and potential revenue streams. 

We are thankful for the opportunity to enter into the Stomp Awards in the hope that we can get the necessary guidance and to build and grow this programme so that it not only becomes mandated within in South Africa but also to be adapted for use across the world.

Visit www.oceanpledge.org for more info