Entry Motivation: 

“On the Forefront of leading the Green Revolution with Action ”

The plastic pollution was first hand felt in Bonteheuwel with the plastic bags splashed against school fences and in every street and street corners. Wilmot Arendse stirred by this started his journey with a community-based environment project, titled No Messing in Bonteheuwel (2001 – 2010) before it was fashionable. The project has 3 components which include cleaning, greening and educating component and it focuses especially waste – reduction, reuse and recycling and to change behaviors around plastics at a community level. The implementation of waste wise community workshops and the successful fun use and Fashion Waste Shows which gave the opportunity for young and old to show their creativity at the community level. (See Photo of 2010 Waste Wise Fashion Show at Bonteheuwel Multi-Purpose centre). The testimony of difference was seen and felt by the community:

“A profound question especially when we get 60% of the world’s oxygen from the oceans. F says that as the custodians of this planet, we have the duty to protect it. Staying with the environment, Wilmot Arendse spoke to the audience about littering. It’s a massive problem in Cape Town and the world today, and Arendse is working hard to educate communities to pick up and throw away the litter. Change is possible if every person picks up a littler litter every day. ” 

"Wilmot as a champion for the cause and to evolve a broader audience shared his message through his TED X Talk."

"He continues by taking up his role as Clean the Hood Ambassador (2018-2019 ) to write and influence in the Cape Argus to inspire and educate fellow Cape Town residents. He especially wrote about the new enemy # Plastics Must Fall and waste nine lives (focus on the Re-Use Revolution)."

"He continues to be spotted for work done in the field and was requested to join and be part of Global Change Ambassadors which represent 26 nationalities and countries to promote environmental consciousness globally."

“To ensure that the Global Goals Projects deliver sustainable and measurable results, we have created an exciting network of Global Change Ambassadors representing three generations and different regions around the world. The Ambassadors below have been selected for their passion, talents, and ability to galvanize local communities into action.”

Wilmot Arendse has for the past 17 years dedicated his life to the green cause and being environmental citizenship while educating and bringing mindset change and action towards our environment locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.