We have produced the first-ever Biodegradable and Recyclable #BaoBottle in the world. Manufactured in South Africa. 

Entry Motivation: 

The vision of our biodegradable business is to lead movement away from single use plastic products and more eco -friendly packaging materials. Our aim is to slot into current factories using PET bottles without having the business change anything, apart from using our preforms and closure to conform to Biodegradable standards.
With the plastic beverage bottles being one of the largest pollutants in the environment it is our goal to tap into this problem while making it a profitable form of a business assisting economic growth in communities. Has much as governments and environmental groups push for recycling, recycling will never be enough to cope with the number of humans that utilise plastic products. Humans in many countries have lived in a culture of polluting and littering, therefore recycling can only ever have a small effect on the environment.

Our product is not only bio-degradable but also 100% recyclable in normal plastic streams Our Bio Bottle range of biodegradable plastic bottles is truly biodegradable not Oxo-degradable. We use a pure organic microbial additive that makes plastic biodegrade, and is approved for food contact, by the United States Federal Drug Administration and EU, as well as both the US Federal Trade Commission and REACH compliant (it is perfectly safe). All information below is therefore
referring to addition of the microbial additive into our production. Our team has devised methods to allow minor almost insignificant adjustment to a current bottle and plastic product pricing, while making it 100% biodegradable.